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Weiner Family • Sneak Peek!

This sweet little family did an excellent job for their session! The wind was blowing and the air was getting colder by the minute, but they still shared their beautiful smiles and giggles with me!

When we arrived at The Park at Flat Rock for our session, the cold wind was howling and the sun was just going behind the trees. I knew this was going to be a cold mini session and the kids wouldn’t last long. Before we left the parking lot we grabbed extra coats and blankets from the car to keep the girls warm between sets. I’m so thankful we did!

We of course got started as fast as we could with full family shots. This is often a perfect starting place for various reasons, but it was especially this day so that Mommy and Daddy could snuggle the girls. Right from the start the girls did a fantastic job looking at me and snuggling with Mom and Dad. Next we sat the girls together for a few quick shots. Mom and Dad sang songs and made silly faces to get the girls to share their big beautiful smiles and sweet laughter.

After shots of the girls together we took a quick break for a warm snuggle and then captured shots of Dad with the girls and Mom with the girls. Sitting and snuggling with Mommy when you’re cold is always a child’s favorite thing to do, so we were able to capture some very sweet shots here.

Lastly we wanted to get a couple of shots of the girls alone. This was tough because it was so chilly, but we acted quickly and sang songs to help them through it. They both did a phenomenal job! I couldn’t have asked for better cooperation on such a cold day!

Thank you, Weiner family, for asking me to capture these precious moments!

The Park at Flat Rock

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