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Asheville Wedding Review • Joanna + Will

After working with Joanna and Will for their wedding photography at Mountain Lodge in Flat Rock, they left me a wonderful review! It means so much to me to hear that I made their wedding planning, and wedding day even a little bit easier for them! I love helping couples get the most of their wedding photography, and providing any help I can along the way! This amazing review that I have to share makes my heart full! ♥ Thank you, Joanna and Will!

“My husband and I could not have been happier with Jessica! We hired her as our wedding photographer, and she did a seriously amazing job! From the moment we hired her, she was incredible. We felt like she truly cared about our wedding, as if it was the only thing she had to do in the world! She is so thoughtful and sweet, and we felt so at ease on the day of our wedding!
She answered every email that I sent very quickly, with lots of detail, and always was willing to try our suggestions! She met with me multiple times prior to the wedding to talk about things, give advice and suggestions, and plan our photography for the day of. She is so sweet, kind and overall wonderful! We felt so relaxed and at ease, and we knew that things were going to go smoothly, because she was such a professional!
On the day of our wedding she was on time, and immediately started off on all the things we wanted photos of. Our timeline got off slightly, but she seamlessly made up time, and it seemed like nothing was ever off!
 She was so nice working with my bridesmaids and family, and was constantly full of smiles, but wasn't afraid to tell my talkative family to stay to one side when she was taking pictures, which was great for us, because we needed all of our pictures! She looked at everything we wanted, and had extra suggestions of what we could add that would fit what we were already looking for.
 We can't wait to use her photography skills again! We just finished looking at our wedding album, and are just thrilled! The pictures look amazing, and she captured all the emotion we could have asked for! We are SO happy!!”

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