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Thomas Family

This beautiful extended family gathered here in the mountains of western North Carolina last week for a family reunion, and to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary! I was honored to travel from Asheville and spend my Thursday morning at the amazing Nu Wray Inn in Burnsville photographing these special and rare moments!

When I arrived in Burnsville and turned onto the street looking for Nu Wray Inn, I was greeted by a beautiful old town square. Bright green grass, huge shade trees, and the peacefulness of a small town met me with a smile. Across the street from the town square sits Nu Wray Inn. With it’s long front porch lined with rocking chairs, and it’s charming entrance, I knew I was in for a wonderful morning! I was greeted on the front porch by Wendy, a daughter in this large family. She told me that the entire family was out back, and all in position for their first photo. Really?! You’re serious?! It was phenomenal! I told her that I have never seen a family so organized, and she reminded me that since there were 45 of them, they thought they had better be well prepared for me to arrive. I loved it!

I entered the back yard of the Inn and said hello to the entire family. In unison they replied, "hello", with smiles. It was so fun! They all looked wonderful and ready for this session! We got started right away by capturing a few shots of the entire family. They were all perfectly lined up on patio steps and it went very quickly!

After the large family shots we broke off into smaller families for photos, along with grandparents and grandkids, grandkids alone, siblings, etc. We took a few extra minutes to capture photos of the couple who started it all, Grandma and Grandpa. They are such a sweet couple who were delighted to have all of their family with them for the long weekend. They had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently, and were overjoyed to spend time with their family and celebrate together!

Everyone did a fantastic job listening and we all had a wonderful time for this session! I am still amazed at the organization of this very large family session, and am excited to share it with you all!

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