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Specialized Physical Therapy • Sneak Peek!

The talented and fun crew at Specialized Physical Therapy was on their game for this session! We had loads of laughs and got some great shots of them in action!

Before I was Specialized Physical Therapy’s photographer, I was a patient of theirs. In fact, I was their first patient ever! This was back when the clinic ran as a one man band. Sean, the owner, has done an incredible job of growing his business while keeping all integrity and client care intact. I highly recommend him for any PT needs!

Okay, back to the session at hand. This team of folks at Specialized did a phenomenal job in front of my camera. They took direction very well, helped show me common positions of client care and how we could adjust them ever so slightly for a great photo, and kept their smiles on!

When I first arrived I introduced myself to the team members that I hadn’t yet met. Then we got started right away with a few shots of a client who was finishing up his appointment. Right from the start things started out well - great light, great subjects, and smiles!

Next we took a few minutes for employee head shots. Since there is a lot of equipment around the clinic we opted for a blank wall as the backdrop. The head shots went very quickly as everyone was ready to go, and ready to get it over with!

After head shots we took more action shots with patients. From strength training to boxing, and even dry needling, everyone did a fantastic job. They were patient with my posing adjustments and kept those beautiful smiles on for me!

This session went very well for many reasons, but most of all this crew is amazing at what they do and they take pride in it! Posing for a few shots with clients wasn’t anything too tough for them since they love doing what they do!

Thank you for asking me to highlight your business through photographs!

Specialized Physical Therapy

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