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Savannah • 1 Year Sneak Peek!

This darling little lady was a pro in front of my camera! She played, clapped, and sat in a big girl chair, all while being content and sharing her smiles!

Savannah’s Mom had some great ideas for this session when she called to book it. One was to have it in their big beautiful back yard. Their yard has huge old trees on one side, and a nice somewhat rustic fence surrounding it. She also wanted photos with pumpkins to document Savannah being born in the fall. They were all fantastic ideas that were all set and ready for me when I arrived. I loved it!

We scheduled the session for early on a Saturday morning. It was a good time for both Savannah and soft morning light. The timing worked out perfectly. In fact the timing was perfect, and Savannah was perfect! We moved through the session much faster than we anticipated, and were able to wrap up in about half the time! For those of you who are familiar with photo sessions involving small children, this truly never happens! Well, except if you’re photographing Savannah!

Soon after I arrived we were able to get started. Mom had the pumpkins, hats, and a blanket out and ready. For the first series we sat Savannah down with the pumpkins. Right away she shared her beautiful smiles with us! Since she was content and happy, from here we made simple changes for variety- wooden letters, hats, positioning, added Mom and Dad, etc. She did an amazing job!

Next we rolled the pumpkins out of the frame and captured some full family photos, then shots with Mom and Dad separately. Dad played with Savannah while I captured some big beautiful smiles, and Mom and Savannah shared some sweet moments together.

Before we wrapped up we took a few more shots of Savannah in a big girl chair with her bright smile! She loved sitting in that chair all by herself!

As you can see Savannah did an amazing job for her one year photos! She was happy and having fun!

Thank you for asking me to capture these sweet moments!

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