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Pradeep + Siri • Anniversary Sneak Peek!

We all had an amazing time during this session! Pradeep and Siri brought their excitement, laughter, love, and beautiful smiles. I was honored to capture their one year anniversary photos!

This beautiful couple chose to celebrate their one year anniversary with a photo session. They drove to the mountains from over two hours away to capture their amazing connection among the colorful fall leaves. Not only is this a fantastic idea, it’s was Pradeep’s idea, and he planned the entire thing! Siri told me that he picked out and purchased her black dress, planned the red roses, and even picked out her shoes! What a dream, right?! 

When Pradeep and Siri arrived for their session they were excited to get started. Often it takes a few minutes for couples to warm up and feel comfortable in front of my camera. For these two, that was not the case. They have such an amazingly strong connection, that I think they are comfortable anywhere, as long as they are together. 

We started their session with some simple shots, but using some of the props they brought. Pradeep brought some beautiful bright balloons that coordinated with their first outfits. It was a wonderful! This sort of prop doesn’t work for too many couples, but it certainly did for them! 

Next we worked our way into the back of the park. We walked through the fallen leaves, took a few shots in front of a very colorful tree, and stopped in a little nook of trees for some detail shots of Siri, and also Siri and Pradeep’s painted hands. Of course this was another idea of Pradeep’s. Isn’t it super cool and unique?

After this it was time for their outfit change. We walked back to the parking lot chatting a bit. I learned that they were married in India and had some photos taken a that time, but they wanted to celebrate their first anniversary with non traditional photos of them having a ton of fun. I loved it! And that’s exactly what we were doing! 

Once they were changed we headed back into the park to finish up their session. We walked along the creek and the trails taking more fun photos of them. Siri requested that we stop at a bench for them to sit and make a series of funny faces at one another. This is something that I often ask wedding parties to do, so I was excited to hear that Pradeep and Siri wanted to experiment with it. It was a lot of fun capturing them being silly and getting one another to laugh out loud with amazing expression! 

I had a ton of fun with this awesome couple for their anniversary session! Their genuine smiles, laughter, and fun never stopped!

Thank you for asking me to capture these moments!

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