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Katherine • Business Portraits Mini Session Sneak Peek!

Katherine was a perfect model for her business portraits! She showed great professionalism as well as her true self in her photos. It was a perfect mix for a great session!

Katherine is a local realtor who I met at a recent networking meeting. She heard about my summer mini sessions and booked her spot right away. I'm so glad she did! It was wonderful to get to know her a little more through a fun session.

We met at the botanical gardens for an evening session. Right from the start I could tell that Katherine was confident, comfortable, and ready to partake in making some beautiful photographs. As soon as we entered the gardens I noticed that some wild flowers along the pathway were the exact color of her shirt. Was this a sign? I think so! We stopped to capture a few photos here before moving on to a nearby wooden bench.

At the bench Katherine sat down, got comfortable, and put on her beautiful smile. She showed me right away that she has a repertoire of professional expressions, it was perfect! We used the bench for multiple poses - arm on the back, leaning forward, crossed legs, etc.

Next we walked to the flat bridge where we used the railing for some additional poses. Here we also used the linear effect of the bridge to make Katherine really pop in the foreground. Her crossed arms sharp in front and the bridge out of focus in the back really gave her a power stance.

Lastly we went down by the creek for a few shots. With the dark roots, dirt, water, and stones, Katherine stood out here as well. It was a wonderful backdrop for a few more casual, yet professional shots.

Katherine truly did a fantastic job during her session. She's a great listener, is comfortable in her own skin, and is comfortable in front of my camera. I couldn't ask for more than that!

Thank you for asking me to capture these photographs!

Asheville Botanical Gardens

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