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Jordan + Taylor • Wedding Sneak Peek!

Picture this- a small private chapel filled with family and close friends, a meaningful foot washing ceremony between your favorite prayers and wedding vows, and a beautifully decorated open air reception on family land with amazing mountain views. This sounds pretty perfect, right? This was Jordan and Taylor’s wedding day, and I do think that it was perfect!

Jordan and Taylor hosted one of my favorite weddings of the year. As you can already tell it was incredibly meaningful, intimate, simple, and beyond beautiful. Some weddings that I photograph really speak to me, and this was one of them.

When I first met with Jordan and Taylor they were planning a larger wedding at a wedding venue in the mountains. As the months of planning progressed, they realized that the wedding they were planning wasn’t their true vision for their big day. They decided to scrap the original plans and create a day that was perfect for them. They did just that, and some!

When I arrived at the small chapel and family property to take a look around I was amazed. The simple gorgeous decor and quaintness of the areas blew me away. I knew right away that this was going to be an amazing wedding day for Jordan and Taylor.

After looking around for a few minutes I went inside to find Jordan and the girls. They were almost done getting ready and it was soon time for Jordan to put on her wedding dress. The room in which the girls were getting ready had plenty of natural light coming through the windows, and it’s wooden plank walls and finishes were a perfect backdrop for Jordan’s wedding dress photos.

As soon as Jordan was buttoned in her dress and got her boots on, we headed outside for photos of Jordan and the girls. We used the rustic fence line and trees on the property as a subtle back drop. It was a perfect setting for these fun photos.

Next I headed to the chapel as guests were starting to arrive. They came dressed for the occasion in nice jeans, button up shirts, and boots. There were many hugs, handshakes, smiles, and laughter during this time. It’s was a beautiful afternoon for a beautiful couples wedding!

As the ceremony started guests took their seats. The wedding party entered in couples followed by Jordan and her father. As soon as Jordan stepped through the chapel doors, I turned to catch Taylor’s sweet smile as he saw his bride in her wedding dress for the first time. The ceremony progressed through prayers, songs, vows, and most uniquely, a foot washing ceremony. I had not yet seen a foot washing ceremony at a wedding, but it was an incredible thing to witness. I could feel the energy in the room heighten as Taylor first removed Jordan’s boots to wash her feet, and then Jordan did the same to Taylor’s feet. The entire process was calming, sweet, and beautiful, while it strengthened the bond that Jordan and Taylor have.

Directly after the ceremony we took family photos outside of the chapel. The sun was starting to lower in the sky and provided some beautiful light in front of the chapel. Next we took the remaining wedding party photos in the same area, and finished up with bride and groom photos. Taylor and Jordan have an incredible bond that makes taking photos together very natural for them. This coupled with the excitement of their wedding day provided some wonderful connections between the two of them in photographs.

Next was time for the reception. As soon as we all arrived Jordan and Taylor made their entrance. There was a cheer as they walked in to greet their guests and start their first dance. The rest of the reception was filled with lots of love, laughter, smiles, and fun. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

As you can see, Jordan and Taylor’s wedding day was all together amazing- a ceremony in a small quiet chapel, a reception on family land with an incredible view, and love in the air.

Congratulations Taylor and Jordan! Thank you for asking me to capture your big day!

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