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Harper • 6 Month Sneak Peek!


Harper is a happy little girl who was a pro in front of my camera! She made great eye contact and shared her sweet little smile with ease. Mother Nature also thought she did a wonderful job, as she shared raindrop kisses with her!

This family came to me through a gift certificate that a mutual friend purchased just before Harper was born, and I'm so glad! We had a great time together and I hope to work with them again in the future!

We decided to meet at the Asheville Botanical Gardens for our session. It's a fantastic place with great diversity - bridges, creek, old fence, rock wall, green space, old cabin, etc. As always, this location provided an excellent backdrop for every photo.

As soon as we arrived we got started at one of the access points along the creek. Joe and Stephanie mentioned that they love water, whether a lake, creek, or river, so I wanted to make sure I got a variety of family photos near the creek. Right from the start Harper was interested in me and what I was doing, so she looked right at my camera and gave me beautiful smiles. Even though we were only a few minutes into the session, I considered this session a win!

Next we made our way to the flat bridge. I really like to take photos on the flat bridge because it provides a unique linear aspect to photos and the old wood that it is made of is beautiful. Here we took a couple of fun family photos and also placed Harper in the apple basket. Harper wasn't quite sitting up on her own, so the apple basket provided the support she needed and looked great in the photos.

After the flat bridge we worked our way to the open green space. As soon as we stepped onto the grass it started sprinkling. We found a large shade tree to protect us from most of the rain drops and set up under it. Here we took a variety of photos with Harper playing with Mom and Dad, laying on her belly then her back, and sitting up in a chair with support. Harper shined on her own, and giggled through the photos with Mom and Dad. It was perfect!

Lastly we stopped at a location in the gardens that I had recently learned about. There is a perfectly placed bench with the creek and an arched bridge in the background. Here we took a few final family shots and sweet Harper was still looking right at the camera and smiling!

A few weeks after this session I received the cutest card from Courtney, Joe, and Harper. The card was printed with multiple photos from their session and contained the sweetest note.  Best client ever?! Yes! Thank you Courtney! I had a wonderful time working with you, too!

Thank you for asking me to capture this special time!

Asheville Botanical Gardens

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