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Evan • Newborn Sneak Peek!

This beautiful family, who are regulars in front of my camera, welcomed a baby boy into their lives recently. During their session I could feel the sweet love growing in their hearts! I am so very excited for them and their growing family!

I have been photographing this family since big brother Miles was born, over 3 years ago! It has been amazing to watch them grow into their home, go through fun stages, and now expand their family even more! The amount of fun and love that this family has is amazing, and I love capturing it for them!

When Brooke emailed me to schedule a session for Evan’s newborn photos I was ecstatic! Of course I was so excited for them to be expecting another baby and for Miles to be a big brother, but I also was excited to give them the gift of capturing this precious time in their lives. As you all know, having a baby is a huge and exciting time in a family’s life. To have this amazing experience and ask a photographer to document it warms my heart. I LOVE giving the gift of newborn photos to families! It is a time that goes by very quickly, and you can never recreate it!

When I arrived for Evan’s session it was like walking back in time to Miles’ newborn session. It was the same house, the same sweet dog greeting me at the door, and there was a familiar overall feel to the day. Of course this time there was a spunky almost 3-year-old that greeted me with his big beautiful smile, too.

As I got started with the session Evan was very relaxed and let me pose him however I’d like. Miles kept a close eye on me and asked lots of questions about what I was doing along the way. After a couple of minutes capturing close ups of Evan, Miles suddenly exclaimed, “I have a camera too! Want me to go get it?!” Of course my answer was “YES! I’d love to see your camera!” Miles came back with his toddler camera, pointed it right at me, and started snapping away. He was so excited! So naturally, I stopped for a minute, pointed my lens at him, and captured a couple of cute shots of him photographing me. It was so much fun to see him excited about taking photographs!

As we worked our way through the session Evan continued to do a wonderful job. Near the end we took a few minutes to capture photos of Miles with Evan, family shots, and photos of each parent with Evan. These last family shots are some that many families either don’t think of, or aren’t interested in. I always encourage families to capture these shots at this special time. It’s a perfect chance to capture the excitement and sweet love of welcoming a new baby to the family.

As you can tell, I love working with this family. They excite me, inspire me, and make my already fun job even better!

Thank you for asking me to capture these precious moments!

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