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Evan • 6 Month Session

Happy 6 months, Evan! I LOVE watching your sweet family grow in front of my lens!

This beautiful family, who is a long time client of mine, asked me to capture Evan's 6 month photos. It's hard to believe that Evan is already 6 months old, and big brother Miles is almost 3 1/2! I have been photographing this family since Miles was born, and I love every minute of it!

For this shoot we met at the Botanical Gardens at Asheville for a morning photography session. The air was warm and dry, the creek was nicely flowing with cool water, and the light was perfectly diffused through the abundance of trees in the gardens.

One of my favorite spots in the gardens is the old flat bridge, and unfortunately it was closed for repairs. Since we couldn’t use that spot, we went below the bridge down to the creek to start our session. While we walked down to the creek we caught up with one another, and I made a point to talk with Miles so that he had an opportunity to warm up to me a bit. Miles is pretty outgoing, so that was plenty of time for him to warm up and be ready for photos.

Down at the creek we started with full family photos standing and sitting on the rocks. There are lots of distractions in this area, so I tried to work quickly and efficiently. Once we captured a few shots, I gave Miles a break to go play for a minute. I used this time to shoot photos of Evan with Brooke and Wayne. After Miles had a few minutes to play, I brought him back in for photos with Evan and each of his parents. Miles is a very good listener, but every kid appreciates a break during photos!

Before we wrapped up by the creek I asked Miles if I could take a few photos of him by himself. He said he was ready, and had been practicing his smiles! Perfect! With a few sweet smiles and then silly faces, we were able to capture a handful of great photos of Miles!

Next we walked across the park to some open green space. We chose a spot with big bushes and bright green grass to provide texture in the background. Here we started on photos of Evan by himself. He is a happy little guy who loves to smile and laugh at Mommy! Brooke brought a super cute hat for him to wear, and I brought a chalkboard that said ‘6 months’ for him to hold. He did a wonderful job for these photos!

To wrap up we captured a few more full family photos, and some shots of Miles with each parent. Miles is at such a fun age to be silly and sweet back to back!

Watching this family grow in front of my lens is an honor! I am so happy to be able to give them the gift of capturing these special moments!

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