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Dr. Jenn • Business Portraits

Dr. Jenn with Cournoyer Chiropractic did a wonderful job for her portrait mini session! Her smiles and laughter are so sincere, just as she is in her daily life.

Last fall I captured couples portraits of Jenn and her partner. We had a great time during that session, so I knew this session would be a lot of fun, too! I also know that Jenn knows what she likes and dislikes about herself in photos, so her awareness and communication is always helpful to ensure she gets some shots she really loves!

For this mini session we met at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville. It's a perfect location for a mini session due to its massive amount of diversity in such a small space. We started off by making our way to a bench past the arched bridge. A bench is a wonderful prop for business portraits. It offers an arm rest when turned to the side, a linear effect along the back, and of course, a seating option.

After the bench we moved to the flat bridge. For a couple of the same reasons this bridge is also an asset. It's a much longer linear affect, an arm rest, and a leaning post. These are all good standard options for professional business portraits.

Lastly we headed to the creek, which is where Dr. Jenn feels most at peace. I saved this until the end so that we could spend as much time there as possible. As soon as we walked down to the creek Jenn sighed in relief. She and I both knew that her best images would likely come from this area. Here I had her walk in the water, sit and stand on rocks, and even simply chill out for a few shots. It's amazing how wonderful still photographs portray the relaxation and peace that someone feels.

As you read, Jenn did a fantastic job at her mini session. I loved capturing her true emotion in these fun business photos!

Thank you for asking me to capture these photos!

The Botanical Gardens at Asheville

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