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Dotson Family • Sneak Peek!

This sweet little family was a ball of energy for their session! They did a fantastic job sharing their smiles, giggles, and love for one another. You can see the emotion beam in their photographs!

For this session we met at the Botanical Gardens at Asheville. It is a perfect place for children at these ages because we can easily keep moving throughout the park, which helps keep their attention. The gardens also provide great diversity so no matter where in the park we end up, there is always a beautiful backdrop for photos.

As soon as we arrived at the gardens we talked for a few minutes and then got started. The air was cool and sunset wasn’t too far away, so we moved right into the session. To start we chose a spot by the creek with a stone bench. At the start of family sessions with small children I like to begin one of two ways- either with a movement shot, or with a sitting family shot. Based on the energy level of the children I make this decision. This day I chose a family shot because the kids were listening very well, and I knew a full family shot was a priority for this particular family. After a few family shots we moved into movement shots to give the kids a break from sitting still. I asked them to all hold hands and walk together. This is another great place to start with families because it keeps the kids moving, let’s them all gain confidence, and provides a very natural setting.

Next we worked our way through the park for photos at the bridge, down by the creek, and also along an old road that was covered with leaves. Near the end of the session the kids were ready to play, so we did just that! We took a few minutes for a leaf fight and it was perfect! It was exactly what the kids needed to release energy and made for very fun family photos! This was my favorite part of the session by far. The real emotion and love that shined through was amazing!

As you can see we had a lot of fun for this session. With the love, smiles, laughter, and energy, we captured some beautiful shots of this sweet family.

Thank you for asking me to capture these moments!

Asheville Botanical Gardens

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