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Daube Family • Sneak Peek!

This beautiful family took a few days off and headed to the colorful mountains of western North Carolina.. They rented a cabin together and called me in to capture their memories! They all did an amazing job for their session- sharing their smiles, laughter, and love with me.

When I arrived for their session, everyone was hanging out in the cabin ready for their photos. After I met everyone I took a quick peek around the decks and surrounding areas. We decided to start with a large family photo right away on the deck with a good view in the background. By doing this we caught the kids before they got too comfortable with me, since with comfort usually comes silliness. We captured some good full family shots here before breaking out into smaller family shots in the same spot.

One of the exits off the deck was a long staircase in quiet little cove. It was perfect for more small family shots. Everyone could sit close, lean on each other, and make a strong connection here. This spot provided some sweet little family photos.

Next we all headed up the dirt road toward the top of the hill. I drove past this area on my way in so I knew it would be a beautiful spot for photos. The leaves were bright with strong color, and the dirt road provided a neutral colored area to let those leaf colors shine.

When we started photos in this area we began with large family shots again. The kids had just had a break and taken a little walk up the hill, so they were ready for more photos. We didn’t need to take many full family shots here, as everyone did a wonderful job listening and looking at my camera.

Lastly we worked with each individual family and a few smaller groups for specific shots. The kids were having a fun time and getting a little silly at this point. This added some wonderful dynamic to the smaller family photos- feet crossed, big laughs, holding hands, etc. These are all perfect additions to standard portraits and show real personality and emotion in still photos, which is my favorite!

As you can see this sweet extended family did a wonderful job for their session. We captured many different photos for them to cherish for years to come.

Thank you for asking me to capture these moments!

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