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{Claire + Phil} • Wedding Sneak Peek!

This amazing couple shared their big day with friends and family at The Fields of Blackberry Cove in Weaverville. Their wedding was beautiful, simple, and totally them!

From the first time I met with Claire during her wedding planning, I knew that this was going to be a fun wedding to photograph! She was already talking about friends traveling in from across the country, a laid back reception, and how her grandmother was going to marry them. This original thought stayed true through the end! Claire and Phil shared a very fun and beautiful day with their guests.

When I arrived at The Fields of Blackberry Cove I headed straight to the house to find Claire and Phil to check in with them and to ask if there was anything I could do for them right away. I was greeted by their dog and found that they were each ready for the ceremony a little early, so I headed to the reception space. At the reception space I started with some decor photos of the tables, place settings, cake, flowers, and much more. The space was beautifully decorated in Claire and Phil’s simple yet elegant manner.

Soon it was time for the ceremony. I headed down the hill to the big oak tree where the ceremony space was set. A few minutes after I got settled in the wedding party started their entrance. The ceremony was light and full of laughter and love. It was wonderful to see Claire’s sweet grandmother officiate the wedding. It always warms my heart when something special like this is included in a couple’s big day.

Immediately following the ceremony we started family photos and wedding party photos. Once we finished with these, we took a few minutes for bride and groom photos. We walked around the property a bit to get a good variety of couples photos. By the time we were finished my cheeks hurt from laughing so much! Claire and Phil did an amazing job, as I expected. They have a very strong and fun connection that shines through in photographs very easily.

After couples photos we headed to the reception where guests were starting dinner. Claire and Phil took a few minutes to eat before they greeted guests. You could tell already that their guests were having a wonderful time.

Claire and Phil are a beautiful couple who share a lot of laughs and love together. I wish them the best in years to come!

Congratulations! Thank you for asking me to capture your special day!

The Fields of Blackberry Cove

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