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Clair • Business Portraits Sneak Peek!

Over the weekend I had the honor of traveling to Charleston, SC to spend time with my friend Clair and her family, and was honored that she asked me to photograph her business portraits! 

Clair is a newborn and family photographer with Clair Shorter Photography and is wise in the photography world beyond her years! I have seen her grow an incredible amount in the short time she's been a photographer, and she is AMAZING at what she does! Her images are light and airy, each tells a beautiful story, and her composition is superb! She's wonderful to work with (she took my photos, too, and I can't wait to share them with you!), and is an incredible person who brings an extra bright light into this world. ♥

Our intention for Clair’s business photos was to take them at the beach on Sullivan's Island during golden hour. What is golden hour, you ask? Well, you’re right, I don’t talk about it much because here in the mountains in Asheville, North Carolina we don’t have a golden hour. Depending on where we are photographing, we may have a golden 20 minutes, or as little as a golden 5 minutes. Being nestled in the mountains shortens this golden period that many pine for in photographs! However, at the coast or in the plains, there is a golden full hour or more to take advantage of!

Clair’s photographic style is very light and clean, so golden hour at the beach is a perfect setting for her business portraits. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the beach it was extremely windy! We tried to find a wind break and change our angles, but it was just too windy! We decided to leave and try to find a beautiful vintage looking light colored building, but as we were walking to the car we passed a long brick driveway with a beautiful white beach house at the end. Without noticing the each other looking, we both did a second take as we were walking by and said “Wow, what about here?!” It was perfect! If we couldn’t be at the beach that evening for photos, a long palm tree lined driveway with a pop of white at the far end was our next best option! It’s funny how the world provides when needed, isn’t it?

In this beautiful spot we took a few minutes to capture a wide variety of shots of Clair with, and without, her camera. We opted for wide shots, high shots, low shots, close shots, laughing shots, shots looking away, and even a couple of shots of Clair with her son, Blake. It was wonderful and a ton of fun!

Clair did a fantastic job for her photos, which is not an easy task when you’re used to being behind the camera! She showed her sweet personality and her love of photography, and I’m so excited to share her with you!

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