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Charlie • Newborn Sneak Peek!

This beautiful family is a regular of mine. I'm so over the moon for them and their new little addition! Watching their family grow in front of my lens makes my heart smile!

When I met with this family for big brother Henry’s two year photos, they told me they were expecting another little bundle in the fall. I instantly got chills because I was so happy for them! Kellie was showing at the time so we took a few maternity photos during the session too. So cute!

For Charlie’s newborn session I went to their new house. It’s out of town in the country where you’re likely to have to brake for chickens (yes, this happened on my way!) They live in a beautiful valley with mountain views and lots of space- perfect for the boys as they grow!

As soon as I arrived we chatted a little and got things ready. We decided to start with a few photos of Henry and Charlie together, since Henry was quite inquisitive at the time.

After this Henry went off to play, and we spent some time photographing Charlie on his own. As soon as I laid him down on the white pillows and sheets, I had a flashback to Henry’s newborn photos. Charlie looks so much like Henry, it’s amazing!

Next we took some family photos while they relaxed on the couch. Their living room has incredible light, so it was the perfect spot for this. They played together, told stories, and gave Charlie kisses. It was too sweet!

From here we went back to taking photos of Charlie alone, and I brought out the basket. He did a great job for all of this photos, but was particularly settled when we placed him in the basket. We recreated a few photos that I took of Henry during his newborn session, and also took some fresh ones. Dad had a wonderful idea of bringing out a suitcase table that he had hand-made. He wanted some photos of Charlie in it and they turned out to be some of our favorites!

Lastly we went outside for a few shots. Henry showed me around his new yard pointing out his favorite play spots and outdoor toys.

As you can see this family holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy watching them grow and capturing their special moments!

Congratulations! Thank you for asking me to capture the precious moments of your growing family!

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