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Atlantic Bay Mortgage Open House + Headshots

A few weeks ago we had a fantastic afternoon of head shots withAtlantic Bay Mortgage Group! It's wonderful to meet so many passionate western North Carolina realtors, and the hard working mortgage bankers at Atlantic Bay! Atlantic Bay Mortgage’s regional marketing director, Glenn, holds these fun open houses at various offices throughout western NC. He rotates through different Atlantic Bay offices and realtor offices to help bring his mortgage bankers and the local realtors together. These events are always fun, light, and easy going. He seizes the opportunity of having these local professionals in one office, and offers them head shots while they visit!

This is where I come in. He asks me to attend and take the head shots of the attendees, and I love it! I love meeting new people and learning more about the local communities surrounding Asheville. Many people in Asheville are not native to the area, but as soon as you step out of Asheville city proper and enter a smaller surrounding town, many people are natives to that town. I love hearing their stories of growing up in the area, or how they ended up in western NC! Every person in this world is very different, and come from all types of backgrounds. Learning about people’s stories is something that I love to do!

For this particular event, we were in downtown Waynesville, NC at Berkshire Hathaway’s office. Outside of their office are some beautiful spaces for head shots, so I was able to provide a great variety for the attendees! We had a blank warm brown wall, a red brick wall with green vines, and some beautiful colorful trees. We of course had a neutral colored wall inside for a more traditional headshot, too. Most people chose outdoor photos, because after all, we are in the beautiful western NC and love the outdoors!

We had about a dozen people stop by to network and have their headshot taken. We all had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know one another.

Thank you, Atlantic Bay and Glenn, for another wonderful afternoon of head shots!

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