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Genevieve • Asheville Newborn Photography Sneak Peek!

Sweet Genevieve and her family did a wonderful job for their first session as a family of four! Big brother Benedict was very interested in what I was doing in their home, and helped out in every way possible! I was honored to capture Genevieve’s precious first moments, smiles, and kisses.

When I arrived at this beautiful family’s home for this session I was so excited to see them again! I photographed Benedict when he was born, and LOVE watching families grow in front of my camera! Right away Benedict was my big helper and was so sweet with his baby sister!

I took a few minutes to catch up with this family and see how things were going. Next I took a quick walk around the house to find some perfect newborn photography light. For all sessions I want the perfect lighting situation, but for newborns I want it more than ever. I love amazing natural light for newborns. It’s a perfect complement to their new natural state and highlights their brand new features perfectly. Genevieve is one lucky girl for many reasons, and on this afternoon it was because her family has a sun room with white brick walls that is AMAZING! It is truly a perfect natural light studio room for any photographer. I was swooning!!

To start the session we took full family photos since Benedict was so curious about me and what I was doing. I had his full attention and we took advantage of it! He was a perfect big brother sitting next to his baby sister and being gentle with her. This is another reason Genevieve is so lucky- she has an amazing big brother!

After full family photos we took photos of Genevieve alone in a couple of outfits and swaddled in a favorite blanket. She was very alert to start, and then settled into a sweet newborn nap. It was perfect, and so is she!

While Genevieve was napping we took photos of her snuggling with Mommy, sitting with Daddy, and a laying in a basket next to Benedict. This family has a lot of love to share and Genevieve is such a sweet baby that I could have photographed them all day!

Entering a home to capture first moments with a family is one of my favorite things! Thank you for asking me to capture these sweet moments!

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